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Vacuum Switches

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Simple Electric Switch - This switch has a full vacuum adjustment range from 10 - 930mbar(a).  Unlike other types of vacuum switch this unit is designed for use with vacuum not pressure and therefore the response is far superior.  With a repeatability of +/- 1.5mbar this switch will ensure a consistent and reliable operation for the vacuum user. Vacuum Switches NC and NO
High Performance Electric Switch - This unit has an adjustable differential to enable the user to fully adjust the set points in the vacuum system.  Solid silver contacts will provide millions of cycles and ensure a reliable and accurate system. High Accuracy Vacuum/Pressure Switches
Pneumatic Vacuum Switch - Similar in construction to the simple electric switch but with a pneumatic commutator for use in pneumatic vacuum systems with generators.  Compressed air is supplied to one side of the commutator.  When the vacuum level is achieved air passes through the switch to such apparatus as a pneumatically piloted valve. Pneumatic Vacuum Switches NO or NC