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Vacuum Pumps

Advanced Vacuum Services Ltd have available the largest range of industrial vacuum pumps for the vacuum industry.  The main product lines available are highlighted below.  These include simple sliding vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, oil loss pumps, gas ring, liquid ring and pump set models.  By choosing the correct pump for the application the vacuum user is assured of a reliable and cost effective vacuum pumping system.  The main manufacturers of this type of equipment are Vuototecnica and Siemens. 
Upon specific demand or application we also supply Becker, Busch, Edwards, Leybold and Rietschle.


Sliding Vane Vacuum Pumps
Our range of sliding vane vacuum pumps have free air flow rates of up to 1600m3/hr.  The standard maximum vacuum levels are up to 0.5mbar(a) which will be used for food packaging and similar applications and 40mbar(a) for general vacuum applications. 

Sliding Vane Vacuum Pump

Oil Loss Vacuum Pumps
These vacuum pumps are unique in their design and provide the user with a real alternative to other methods of vacuum pumping in applications where chemicals, water and other harmful substances are present in the vacuum application.  The oil is fed into the pumping chamber only once.  The waste oil along with the contaminant is then stored in a collection chamber at the base of the vacuum pump where it can be emptied and safely disposed of or reclaimed.

Oil Loss Vacuum Pumps

ELMO-L Closed Circuit Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
.ELMO-L vacuum pumps are compact, ready-to-connect systems: connect the power supply, fill the water tank and install the suction line – finished. No need for a foundation. ELMO-L pumps are 100% oil-free. Throughout the entire working range the casing temperature is max. 15C above room temperature. The discharge air leaves the pump at room temperature or lower – clean and dust-free.

ELMO-F Closed Circuit Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
These pumps are insensitive to thermal loading, condensate, dust, dirt particles and water slugs. They extract or compress even explosive gas mixtures safely and reliably. ELMO-F vacuum pumps and compressors are 100% oil-free in operation. The suction capacity is maximized by internal condensation of the steam in the suction flow, which means maximum performance when extracting steam-air mixtures. Supplied with or without electric motors.

Gas Ring or Side Channel Pumps
Advanced Vacuum Services are the UK Main Agent for the Siemens ELMO range of side channel compressors and vacuum pumps.  This range of equipment is by far the most comprehensive with regards to performance and reliability.  80 sizes for a performance range of up to 2,500 m3/h.  Pressure differences in Vacuum up to
–460 mbar and Pressure up to +800 mbar.  Available in 50/60 Hz version to cover 95% of the world’s line voltages, also with ECOFAST motor starter for energy bus and AS interface. All types can as well be operated with a separate series converter.

Side Channel Pumps

Oil Free Sliding Vane Vacuum Pumps
Our range of oil free sliding vane vacuum pumps have free air flow rates of up to 500m3/hr.  The standard maximum vacuum levels are up to 80mbar(a).  Applications such as vacuum lifting, holding and packaging are most common due to the low vacuum level requirement.

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Oil Free Diaphragm Pumps
These pumps can be used for both vacuum and pressure.  The have direct mounted electric motors and are ideal for OEM applications such as sampling, pippeting, liquid transfer etc.  Available in either single or double head design with flow rates up to 18l/min as standard.

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Vacuum Pump Sets
Advanced Vacuum Services are the only supplier of vacuum pumpsets as a standard product.  Because of this these units are available from stock with full dimensional drawings for installation assistance.   They consist of a vacuum vessel, vacuum pump(s), control panel, vacuum gauge, outlet isolation valve, vacuum inlet filter and drain cock.  They operate by charging the vessel to the preset (adjustable) level then switching the vacuum pump off.  As the level in the vessel falls the vacuum pump comes back on line to recharge.  The differential between the upper and lower vacuum levels is fully adjustable.  Using this equipment ensures a longer vacuum pump life and extended service intervals, lower power consumption and noise. More........

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Vacuum Pump Servicing
Advanced Vacuum Services service, repair and overhaul all makes of vacuum and compressor equipment.


Pump Repairs