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Paper and Print Graphics Pump

Print and Paper Pumps

This brand new product is now avaible from stock. This is the only alternative to standard pressure/vacuum pumps. No other product can offer the user this performance and reliability. The following features are standard on all of this range -

Maintenenance Free Operation

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps - Advanced Vacuum Services Ltd have the only real alternative to traditional print vacuum pumps.   The new Graphics Division pumps from AVS are revolutionary in their design and have been developed specifically for the paper and printing industries.  The offer the following distinct advantages :

  • No Maintenance !

  • 5 year warranty !

  • Compact Size !

  • Low Noise (40dBA) !

  • Low Power Consumption !

  • Maximum Vacuum of 100mbar(a).   That's 90% vacuum compared to 60% with normal vacuum pumps used in the print and paper industry.

  • Maximum pressure of 1bar(g) at the same time as the maximum vacuum of 90%!

The performance of these unique vacuum and pressure pumps far exceed that of any electrical pressure/vacuum pump used in the paper and