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New Products - Released January 2001


The Octopus!! - This brand new product has just been released.  Unique in it's design this lifting head is able to hold any shaped object without the need for head adjustment.  More......

Venturi Pumpsets

Vacuum Venturi Pumpsets - These units provide the vacuum user with a vacuum generation system that is economical to operate and offers an energy storage for the application.  More.....

Vacuum Conveyors.  PVR Series

Venturi Conveyor These venturi units are able to transfer product such as powders, granulated products, sawdust, corn, metal swarf or liquids straight through the body of the unit without the need for filtration or bypass devices.  Flow rates of up to 3350 l/min which is fully adjustable. 

Vacuum Jets
Venturi Jet - Similar in design to the above Conveyor units these venturi are designed for large particulates and volumes.  Maximum lift height of 1metre compared to the the above Conveyor units lift capacity of 7.5 metres. 

Pumpsets for Wet Applications

Venturi Filter Unit - These venturi systems are used for applications where a lot of liquid is present such as glass and marble manufacturing or metal machining.  The liquids are trapped in a large transparent filter to prevent damage to the vacuum venturi.  More......

Larger Venturi

Modular Venturi Units - These large flow vacuum generators have 2500 l/min modular venturi banks.   The more layers assembled the higher the flow rate.  Maximum vacuum levels of 100mbar(a).  Maximum vacuum flow of 11000 l/min.  More......

Oil Loss Pumps

Oil Loss Vacuum Pumps - Used in applications where corrosive elements are present in the application or any other liquid such as water, acid or chemicals.  More......
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Graphics Pump - At last!  A genuine alternative to pressure/vacuum pump used in the print and paper industry.  Low noise (40dBA), maintenance free, lower running costs and a 5 year warranty!!  If you use pressure/vacuum pumps then give us a call.  A real answer to a real problem!  No more expensive service contracts, no more noise, no more heat, no more exhaust fumes and no more problems!!  More......