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Lifting System

The Octopus!! - This brand new product has just been released.  Unique in it's design this lifting head is able to hold any shaped object without the need for head adjustment.  More......
All the vacuum pumps you will ever need!! Vacuum Pumps - The AVS range of vacuum pumps include dry and oiled sliding vane, diaphragm, side channel and liquid ring.  With all the combination of flow capacities and vacuum levels available there is one to suit your needs.
Nobody else can offer this !!

Vacuum Venturi - The most comprehensive range of vacuum venturi units are available from stock to offer a real alternative to traditional vacuum pumps.  Depending on the application AVS will advise on whether a pump or venturi is best suited.  An unbiased advice service for the vacuum user. Unbiased advice at last!

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Graphics Pump - At last!  A genuine alternative to pressure/vacuum pump used in the print and paper industry.  Low noise (40dBA), maintenance free, lower running costs and a 5 year warranty!!  If you use pressure/vacuum pumps then give us a call.  A real answer to a real problem!  No more expensive service contracts, no more noise, no more heat, no more exhaust fumes and no more problems!!

Prevention is better than the cure.  Filter it !!

Vacuum Filters - A complete range of vacuum inlet filters consisting of standard 'L' port pump filters, inline filters, water trap filters and oil bath filters.  With this very extensive range, the user is assured of protection for their pumping system.

The only range of valves designed for VACUUM!!

Vacuum Valves - So you have the vacuum pump and the filtration.  But how do you control the vacuum to your application.  Easy.  AVS has the largest range of vacuum valves to be found anywhere.  With port sizes up to 8" every application is catered for.  All metal construction with over sized orifices, maximum flow and performance is assured.  Available with either pilot, solenoid or manual actuators.

Unique, accurate and essential for vacuum users !!

Vacuum Regulators - These regulators are unique.  Every other type of vacuum pump 'regulator' bleeds air into the system.  In doing so the flow performance is decreased.  These units regulate using the differential pressure in the system enabling independent control at the application but maintaining full vacuum prior to the unit.  The only product that can be used for ring main applications.  Each vacuum station can regulate it's own vacuum level without interfering with the main system.

The best range of switches in the World !!

Vacuum Sensors - A range of sensors and switches designed specifically for use with vacuum.   Consequently the adjustable range is much greater through the complete vacuum scale.  Adjustable differentials and very high repeatability of +/- 1.5mbar offer the vacuum user a highly accurate system.

All gauges.  All sizes.  All types !!

Vacuum Gauges - A complete range of vacuum gauges from 40mm to 250mm diameter with glycerine filled options and stainless steel cases.  All ranges available including calibrated absolute gauges and partial scale units.

Biggest range anywhere !!

Vacuum Cups/Pads - Need to lift it?  Need to hold it?  Turn it? Clamp it?  We have the vacuum cup to do it.  From 2mm through to 500mm diameter as well as bellows, square and oval versions in all materials including natural, nitrile and silicone rubber compounds.

For all your handling needs !!

Level Compensators - Excellent for lifting large plates or loads with an undetermined datum point.  These all metal units have features such as plunger valves, self closing valves, micro switches, side entry points etc to offer the user total flexibility in the vacuum system.

Everything you need to put it all together!!

Vacuum Fittings - All types of fittings including hose tails, nipples, tees, elbows, quick release couplings and reducers are available.  Why search through endless catalogues when the single source is here for vacuum equipment.

Proper vacuum hose !! Vacuum Hose - High vacuum hose for sliding vane and piston pumps down to 1mbar(a) and low vacuum hose for side channel and roots blowers.  Hoses sizes up to 8" diameter.
Special Offers - A comprehensive range of Vacuum pumps are available form our stock, all at unbelievable prices. All pumps displayed are sold with a warranty
We can fix it !!

Pump Servicing - All vacuum pumps are serviced by AVS including all the German ones, all the Italian ones, all the French ones, all the American ones and all the British Ones.   Everyone's actually, all with genuine spares and warranty cover.