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Vacuum Filters

FB Inline Filters

FB Series - These inline filter units are used in applications where larges particles are present in the vacuum line.  Where normal pump inlet filters are used such as the FC series below, large particulates would soon block the filter element and impede the flow performance through the unit.  Therefore these filters should be used in conjunction with the FC range described below.

FC Pump Inlet Filters

FC Series - These filter units are connected directly to the inlet of the vacuum pump.  These units are able to prevent particles larger than 4 micron from entering the vacuum pump.  The tops of these filters can be removed without tools by means of sprung clamps.  Available in port sizes up to 4"BSP.

FO Oil Bath Filters

FO Series - These filters use an oil bath in the base of the body to trap large quantities of fine power like particulates.  A normal pump inlet filter would become quickly smothered by large quantities of fine powder whereas the FO range are not affected with regards to the flow rate performance of the unit.

FO Large Oil Bath Filters

FO Series, Heavy Duty - These units are similar in operation to the above FO series but differ in the fact that they are able to filtrate very large quantities of fine dust and powder.  They include an oil level sight glass arrangement for ease of viewing by the operator.

FS Water Trap Filters

FS Series - These filters are designed to trap liquids present in a very line.  Whereas other filters are unable to trap liquids the pure volume and flow path through the FS filter, traps and collects the liquid in either 11, 20 or 38 litre vessels.   The vessel is totally transparent to enable quick inspection of trapped liquid quantity.  There is a level sensor which can be connected to a control panel or alarm circuit to indicate liquid level in the vessel.